The Solana network is experiencing degraded performance for the second time this week

In the last few months, Solana has experienced four network outages. This week, two of the outages occurred.

The Solana blockchain has faced its second network efficiency destruction case this week. According to Solana, this is occurring due to a surge in high compute purchases.

Therefore, the network ability, which was originally promoted to be 50,000 deals per second (TPS), was reduced to several thousand TPS. Solana cited this as the reason customers experienced failed transactions and also included that its designers are already working to repair the issues.

This most current network problem came just a couple of days after a comparable event on Tuesday, where customers experienced the exact same troubles. Numerous guessed that the Tuesday occurrence resulted from a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, yet Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko reacted on Twitter, saying that it’s just the “pain of obtaining a new runtime commercialized.”

Amidst these recent occasions, Cyber Resources chief investment workplace Justin Bons revealed his displeasure with Solana and also published a collection of tweets enumerating the reasons that he does not support the job. Bons cases that Solana is “regularly displaying a pattern of negative actions” and also “prioritizing bring in oblivious financiers over great blockchain design.”

Bons likewise criticized the safety and security of the network, discussing that DDoS assaults are not the only worry. He stated that DDoS can be integrated with a 51% assault. With this, he claims that assaulters can “momentarily acquire proportional-staked control over the network by assaulting other stakeholders.”

Yakovenko dismissed this as “tiring nonsense,” stating, “It’s difficult to DDoS a private key.”

Last year, Solana was hit by a DDoS assault causing a comparable impact and also breaking down the network’s performance. Solana Labs head of communications Austin Federa said that the blackout came after a number of purchases throughout a first DEX offering “landed in a Solana block that took an extreme amount of calculate power.” “Compute for those kinds of transactions wasn’t properly metered by the network, and caused blocks to take much longer to process than the network anticipated,” Federa specified.


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